What is a Pocket Neighborhood?

  • Planned community consisting of smaller residences with 10-12 homes
  • Moderately priced homes for workforce housing
  • Simple more affordable building templates with smaller footprints
  • Designed to promote close knit sense of community
  • Increased sense of ownership and connectivity among residents
  • Bungalow or craftsman style home
  • Incorporates sustainability and green building concepts
  • Clustering homes around common amenities
  • Common courtyard area and a shared community garden
  • Community space such as a gazebo and playground
  • Appeals to multiple buyer types
  • Thrives on the spirit of community

Benefits of a Pocket Neighborhood?

  • Provides an affordable price point for young professionals and seniors wanting to downsize
  • Appeals to all ages
  • Unique development with curb appeal and unique to Eastern Iowa
  • Increase property values
  • Promoting sense of community
  • Addresses the demand for more affordable new construction housing