Welcome Home!

The Bear River Cottages are a new housing development coming to Maquoketa, IA.
One of the primary concerns being voiced from Maquoketa’s working force is the lack of new housing development. With these homes, we’re hoping to provide an affordable way for both first time and prior home buyers to have an opportunity to own one of these beautiful establishments.
Construction began in October of 2019 and each home will be constructed as it’s purchased. You will have a limited selection of choices for the exterior and interior of the home. All homes come with an unfinished basement, a choice between a 2 or 3 bedroom layout, 2 bathrooms, a 2 car garage and a front porch.
For more information on the application process and what we require from each buyer, check out our application page!

What is a Pocket Neighborhood?

  • Planned community consisting of smaller residences with around 10 homes
  • Moderately priced homes for workforce housing
  • Simple, more affordable building templates with smaller footprints
  • Designed to promote close knit sense of community
  • Increased sense of ownership and connectivity among residents
  • Bungalow or craftsman style home
  • Incorporates sustainability and green building concepts
  • Clustering homes around common amenities
  • Common courtyard area and a shared community garden
  • Community space such as a gazebo
  • Thrives on the spirit of community