Click Headings to Sort Department First Name Last Name Title
Admin Sarah Berning Support Services Manager
Admin Linda Brack Receptionist
Community/Economic Development Kelley Brown Grants & City Support Services Manager
Community/Economic Development Stacey Carpenter Project Manager
Transportation Laura Carstens Senior Planner
Community/Economic Development Dawn Danielson Lending Development Specialist
Admin Kelley Deutmeyer Executive Director
Transit Amanda Dupont Mobility & Outreach Coordinator
Community Services Shelby Eipperle Community Service Advocate
Housing Maria Elgin Housing Specialist
Community/Economic Development Craig Elskamp Rehab Specialist/Building Code Inspector
Community/Economic Development Kim Glaser Community Development Coordinator
Transportation Daniel Fox Senior Planner
Admin Denise Hefel Finance/IT Coordinator
Housing Michelle Huseman Housing Specialist
Community/Economic Development Mark Jobgen EIRUSS Project Manager
Community/Economic Development Elizabeth Kemp Rehab Specialist/Building Code Inspector
Community/Economic Development Angela Koppes Lead Inspector
Transit Gail Kuhle Transit Operations Manager
Housing Debbie Maier Housing Specialist
Community Services Holly McPherson Director of Human Resources and Program Development
Community/Economic Development Christine Mergen Finance and Documentation Specialist
Housing Mindy Meyers Family Support Coordinator/Site Manager
Admin Dylan Michels Technology and Program Support Specialist
Admin Nesteby Sharon Executive Assistant
Community Services Ashley Noonan Regional Homeless Coordinator
Community/Economic Development Walter Nims Lead/Building Code Inspector
Housing Leonard O'Connell Maintenance Manager
Community Services Daryl Parker Senior Planner
Admin Marla Quinn Grants and Municipal Coordinator
Transportation/Transit Chandra Ravada Director of Transportation and Transit Services
Housing Carl Reimer Homeownership/Housing Development Specialist
Transit Laura Richard RTA Dispatcher
Community/Economic Development Roseann Sabers Documentation Specialist
Housing Michelle Schnier Director of Housing & Support Services
Housing Jenny Schrobilgen Housing Specialist
Transit Stacie Scott Transit Operations Manager
Housing Caitlin Siemionko Housing Specialist
Housing Tom Simpson Maintenance Manager
Community/Economic Development Matt Specht Director of Community/Economic Development
Community/Economic Development Katie Steffensmeier Community Outreach & Economic Development Coordinator
Admin Tricia Wagner Grants & Program Development Coordinator
Admin Jennifer Walker Manager of Special Programs
Admin Lisa Weinhold Director of Finance & Administration
Transportation Chris Wesseln Planner I
Housing Mindy Wiley Housing Coordinator
Transit Kathy Willauer RTA Dispatcher
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