Click Headings to Sort Department First Name Last Name Title
Community/Economic Development Katie Steffensmeier Community Outreach & Economic Development Coordinator
Admin Sarah Berning Support Services Manager
Admin Linda Brack Receptionist
Community/Economic Development Kelley Brown Grants & City Support Services Manager
Community/Economic Development Stacey Carpenter Project Manager
Transportation Laura Carstens Senior Planner
Community/Economic Development Dawn Danielson Lending Development Specialist
Admin Kelley Deutmeyer Executive Director
Transit Amanda Dupont Mobility & Outreach Coordinator
Community Services Shelby Eipperle Community Service Advocate
Housing Maria Elgin Housing Specialist
Community/Economic Development Craig Elskamp Rehab Specialist/Building Code Inspector
Community/Economic Development Kim Glaser Community Development Coordinator
Transportation Daniel Fox Senior Planner
Admin Denise Hefel Finance Assistant/IT Coordinator
Community/Economic Development Chelsie Horton Resiliency Outreach/Social Services Assistant
Housing Michelle Huseman Housing Specialist
Community/Economic Development Mark Jobgen EIRUSS Project Manager
Community/Economic Development Elizabeth Kemp Rehab Specialist/Building Code Inspector
Community/Economic Development Angela Koppes Lead Inspector
Transit Gail Kuhle Transit Operations Manager
Housing Debbie Maier Housing Specialist
Community Services Holly McPherson Director of Human Resources and Program Development
Admin Christine Mergen Finance and Compliance Assistant
Housing Mindy Meyers Family Support Coordinator/Site Manager
Admin Dylan Michels Technology and Program Support Specialist
Admin Nesteby Sharon Executive Assistant
Community/Economic Development Walter Nims Lead/Building Code Inspector
Housing Leonard O'Connell Maintenance Manager
Admin Marla Quinn Grants and Municipal Coordinator
Community Services Daryl Parker
Transportation/Transit Chandra Ravada Director of Transportation and Transit Services
Housing Carl Reimer Homeownership/Housing Development Specialist
Transit Laura Richard RTA Dispatcher
Admin Roseann Sabers Documentation Specialist
Housing Michelle Schnier Director of Housing & Support Services
Housing Jenny Schrobilgen Housing Specialist
Transit Stacie Scott Transit Operations Manager
Housing Caitlin Siemionko Housing Specialist
Housing Tom Simpson Maintenance Manager
Community/Economic Development Matt Specht Director of Community/Economic Development
Admin Tricia Wagner Grants & Program Development Coordinator
Admin Jennifer Walker Manager of Special Programs
Admin Lisa Weinhold Director of Finance & Administration
Housing Mindy Wiley Housing Coordinator
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