Keep Iowa Beautiful (KIB)


Keep Iowa Beautiful (KIB) began in 2000 as a vision of former Governor Robert D. Ray and Founder and retired chairman of Casey’s, Donald F. Lamberti to enhance the image and appearance of the countryside and Iowa communities by improving their economic health and cultural vitality. KIB Hometown Pride was developed in 2012 as an effort to improve the appearance of, and encourage a sense of pride in, Iowa’s communities.

Hometown Pride is a five-year program and its mission is to build capacity in communities through coaching. In practice this includes helping with volunteer recruitment, meeting facilitation, project planning, grant applications, and fundraising, ultimately guiding existing and new community champions in achieving their community’s vision.    
New Cascade Pool

Between 2017 and 2022, ECIA staff coached Dubuque County communities and in collaboration with Jackson County Economic Alliance assisted with Jackson County coaching in the following activities:

• Fundraising plan and grant writing for Miracle League of Dubuque (all-inclusive playground and ballfield)

Dubuque County
• Training on FEMA NOIs
• Master Plan & grant writing for Dubuque County Conservation Board Steering Committee
• Heritage Trail – coordination, research, focus groups, meetings
• Facilitated online REAP Training with Iowa DNR
• Facilitated online Trails Planning and Funding Workshop
• Grant writing & Fundraising assistance
• Board of Supervisor planning sessions and draft

• Planning for park improvement projects
• Future trails map
• Community reminder postcards
• New resident welcome packet

• Project planning and prioritization work sessions
• Participating in the Heart and Soul Process
• Planning for new highway sign
• Designing map for city wayfinding sign
• RISE Grant for Industrial Park
• Planning for new pool
• Planning for Heart and Soul implementation
• Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan

• Plan for Kelley Oaks Park – volunteer clean up, install disk golf course, planning for future trails within the park, planning for erosion control and other park improvements.
• Planning and grant writing for school crossing improvements
• Participated in Power of Connections site visit
• Comprehensive plan implementation
• Inclusive playground equipment - Wellmark grant writing
Potential Catalyst Project - Loomis Hotel

• Iowa Economic Development Authority downtown visit
and exchange program
• Planning, grant writing, and fundraising for City Park

     • Wrote REAP grant application
     • Wrote Wellmark grant application (Awarded $100,000)
     • Wrote federal LWCF grant application (Awarded $750,000)

• Participate in city logo update work sessions
• Planning for wayfinding signs
• Developing new resident welcome package
• RISE Grant for industrial park
• Planning for Heritage Trail Connections
• Wrote Catalyst NOI – Invited for full application

Jackson County
IISC* Projects

• Energy Plan
Limestone Kiln
• Local Foods/Regional Farmers Market
• Historic Society Wiki
• Limestone Kiln Improvements
• Jackson County Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

• Established successful Downtown Incentive Program
• Housing Task Force participation

      • Established Friends of Bellevue State Park
      • Transformed Butterfly Garden

• In Conjunction with Parks to People

      • Upgraded Ensign Park
      • Improvements to Cole Park playground equipment
      • Expanded City trails
      • Bridge between Felderman Park and Bellevue State Park.

• Work on new vision for Felderman Park
• Continue to evaluate childcare shortages/options
• Promoted Catalyst program

      • Button Factor Rehabilitation ($1.5 million)
      • Promoting day trip with Viking Cruises

• IISC* Projects

      • Downtown Parking StudyBellevue Button Factory Renovations
      • Community Branding/Marketing

• Empower Rural Iowa Grant

      • $20,000 to Bellevue Big/Button Factory for restoration (pictured right)

• Created Dog Park
• Updated Skate Park
• In conjunction with Park to People

      • Helped fund Phase 1 of Prairie Creek ParkBVBConcert7     
      • Hurstville trail (pedestrian bridge over Maquoketa River)

• Promoted Catalyst Program

      • 110 South Main (Maquoketa Brewery/Women’s boutique)
      • Mitchell Maskery Mill

• Sponsored Fest MaqOtber Fest
• Downtown Concert sessions (summer)
• IISC* Projects 

      • Youth Engagement20220106_112505     
      • Welcoming Newcomers
      • Workforce Housing
      • Opportunities for Women
      • Volunteer recruitment     
      • Arts Organization Coordination
      • Arts Organization Strategic 
      • Storm Water Study
      • Transition Plan/Goal Setting

• Park projects
      • Two Good Park - Replaced playground equipment
      • Westside Park - Lighting, trail, meditation garden 

• IISC* Projects 

      • Pedestrian trails/ Community Connectivity
      • Water/Sewer mapping
      • Marketing for Harvest Heights Subdivision
      • Community Branding and Marketing

• IISC* Projects

    • Community Branding and Marketing
    • Municipal Docks

• Downtown Incentive Program
• Promoted Catalyst Program

    • Former Ackerman Grocery Store
    • Island City Harbor Restaurant

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