Jackson County RLF

Jackson County Revolving Loan Fund

The Jackson County RLF supplies up to $250,000, to purchase fixed assets and targets manufacturing, and service industries located within Jackson County.

Eligible Projects

Fixed-asset acquisition or expansion including:

• Acquisition/installation of machinery or equipment
• Purchase of land and/or construction of new buildings
• Purchase and/or renovation of existing buildings
• Financing of working capital in special situations


• Low down payment - as little as 10%. Allows the small business owner to preserve critical working capital

• Short or long term - 5-15 year terms

• Low interest rates available!

Lending Parameters

• $250,000 Maximum project size

• 1.5% processing fee and legal costs, no servicing fee

• Goal of 1 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) position created for each $100,000 lent

• Collateral required, lien position may be subordinated to private lender

• Personal Guarantee usually required, other security as necessary

• Positive recommendation from the RLF review committee and approval by Board of Supervisors

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