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Programs - Community Development and City Services - Housing Rehabilitation

Owner-Occupied Rehab Program

Assists low to moderate-income homeowners with the rehabilitation and conservation of older housing units. ECIA will award eligible homeowners with grants to cover the cost of repairs and improvements necessary to make the property conform to public standards for decent, safe and sanitary housing as required by applicable codes. The form of assistance is a five-year decreasing forgivable loan agreement, which must be paid back if the owner moves before the end of the five-year period. Click here for eligibility information.

Housing rehabilitation programs are currently being completed in Cascade, the City of Clinton, Edgewood, and Manchester. Although ECIA is providing program administration, funds may not be available for all programs. Interested households should call Craig Elskamp, Rehabilitation Specialist at 563-690-5760 or email at celskamp@ecia.org.

Homeownership Assistance Program

Assists low to moderate-income citizens with making a first-time home purchase, making improvements and repairs, or both. Communities receive funds from the State and interested individuals can call Craig Elskamp, Rehabilitation Specialist at 563-690-5760 or email at celskamp@ecia.org, to see if there are current programs underway.