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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsChild 2

What is the Lead Hazard Control Program?

ECIA has been awarded federal funding to reduce and/or eliminate lead-based paint hazards in Jackson and Clinton County.

How Does the Lead Program Work?

After completing and submitting an application, your household income will be verified to ensure income requirements are met. After this is verified you will be placed on a list to receive a lead hazard investigation. The investigations will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis once all information is obtained and verified.

Once a lead hazard investigation and risk assessment is completed a copy will be supplied to the property owner. A bid will be provided to a pool of contractors that have signed up to be notified through Notify Me. Any interested contractors shall attend a bid tour. You must attend the bid tour in order to bid on a project. The contractors in attendance shall submit their bids to the Lead Program by the specified date and time.

All bids shall be compared and the lowest responsible bidder shall be awarded the contract. Once the contract is awarded and all closing documents have been signed and secured, the winning contractor shall provide an approximate start date of the project. The tenants/homeowners shall meet with a Lead Inspector within one week of the start of the project to get the unit "Construction Ready". Plans for relocation will be secured at that time as well.