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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsChild 2

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?

You can either call 563-690-5791 or email us at leadpaint@ecia.org.

What is the Lead Hazard Control Program?

ECIA has been awarded federal funding to reduce and/or eliminate lead-based paint hazards in eligible areas (Delaware, Dubuque County [Excluding the City of Dubuque], City of Clinton, and City of Maquoketa).


  • · Was your property built before 1978?
  • · Do you fall within the HUD income guidelines (below)?
  • · Do you have any children living with you age 5 and under?

How Does the Lead Program Work?

After completing and submitting a pre-application, here are the steps in the process:

  • · After you apply for the program, ECIA staff will confirm your eligibility.
  • · Once deemed eligible, inspectors will conduct a surface-by-surface inspection at your home to determine any lead hazards
  • · After the inspection, the lead inspection report and proposed scope of work will be submitted to you for review.
  • · If everything is acceptable, a walk through with a lead abatement contractor will be scheduled in order to secure a bid.
  • · After a bid is secured, materials will be ordered and work can begin.*
  • · Once work is completed, your family will return to a lead-safe home.

*Relocation may be necessary depending on the scope of work and is covered by the program.

How much will this cost me?

  • · If you are a homeowner or tenant and meet the qualifications, all services will be provided FREE!
  • · If you are a landlord and meet the qualifications, you will be asked to contribute 10% of project costs!

Income Guidelines as of 4/1/2021.

Lead Program Income Guidelines