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About Us - Culture

Employee Wellness Program

The ECIA wellness committee has been developing staff incentives and wellness events to encourage healthy lifestyles in order to reduce long-term healthcare costs for the agency. The following information describes the wellness committee vision and goals. For more information on the ECIA wellness initiative, contact Christine Mergen.

Vision: To engage ECIA staff in personal wellness and healthy lifestyles

G: Generate interest in healthy living

E: Enhance healthy lifestyles

D: Decrease absenteeism due to illness and stress

D: Develop a positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all employees

U: Use recognition to positively reinforce participants

P:Provide a variety of wellness programs to meet a range of personal health levels


At ECIA, we strive to meet our environmental, economic, and social needs today without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Our sustainability committee works towards this goal by participating in the Petal Project green business certification program. The Petal Project has five criteria area – energy conservation, pollution prevention, staff education, waste reduction, water conservation. A business must complete all mandatory and a specified number of optional criteria within each of the petals to become a fully certified "green" business. ECIA has completed the water conservation petal and is working to complete the remaining four petals. As participants in the Petal Project program, the organization has implemented a number of practices aimed at reducing our environmental impact.

  • Energy conservation: In 2010, employees participated in an energy conservation challenge. Employees were asked to turn off lights when leaving a room and switch off power strips at the end of the day, amongst other things. When an employee was seen doing one of these energy saving activities, he/she would be recognized.

  • Pollution prevention: Items that are prohibited from the trash – light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges, etc. – are collected and properly disposed of.

  • Staff education: Sustainability committee updates are given at staff meetings and sent out via email to all employees.

  • Water conservation: Signs are posted above the facets in the office, reminding employees to not leave the water running and to report leaks.

  • Waste reduction: ECIA participates in the City of Dubuque's food scraps program. The organization also uses compostable kitchenware when using reusable kitchenware is not a viable option.