East Central Intergovernmental Association

A regional response to local needs

7600 Commerce Park
Dubuque, IA 52002
800-942-4648 (Iowa Only)


Programs - Community Development and City Services - City Services

ECIA staff assist member cities in updating their code of ordinances and recommends that new ordinances and amendments be added annually. This keeps the Code current and is less difficult than reviewing the City Code and making updates every five years. Click here to see samples of City Codes.

Environmental Assessments -- If you have received state and/or federal funding for construction of a community project or private development, an environmental assessment is required. The assessment consists of a public review process designed to disclose information about the potential negative environmental effects of a proposed development and ways to avoid or minimize them before the project is built.

Building Inspections -- ECIA provides inspections for building, electrical, and mechanical codes to assist cities in ensuring quality construction standards are being met.

ECIA Data Center -- ECIA is a U.S. Census Depository. The agency maintains and distributes census information and other documentation issued by both the state and federal governments.

For information contact Mark Schneider at mschneider@ecia.org or by phone 563-690-5770.